Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Final Project- Coastal highlights.


My final project was about going down the Na Pali coast called (coastal highlights) showing surfing with my friends having a good time. I chose this idea because I wanted to make a video on what I like to do. I also wanted to show the class what we do when Im not at school. Its not the best video to showcase my skills but I like it a-lot. I even learned a new thing, how to make music on garage band. We made our own beat for the video.
 Conclude with a reflection about your critique results. (6 sentence minimum)

The most challenging part was getting the right clips that aren't shaken. Another challenging part was editing. Putting all the clips together was hard because we had to place it where it would fit for the next clip. Once it was all placed in order it was good. Then we had to make a beat that dropped on good times and matched the video. Once that was all dialed in we just had to trim the video to have it be around min 1:30. Our video is about 1:40 but I think it looks good.

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ALD 5.1 Design a targeted digital media message or concept that addresses the needs of a client.
ALD 5.2 Plan and construct a digital media product from budgeted resources that addresses client needs.
ALD 5.3 Assess the collaborative process for its impact on the design, planning, and production of a digital media product.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Digital manipulation


This project is about creating three images on photoshop and making them fake or out of the ordinary. The first one I did was have a picture of the pier and my truck cut on the pier. The second one was a picture of the mountains and then I cut a guy roping a buffalo while ridding a Jetski. My third one is a picture of trees and then I put a picture of a tractor so it looks like its cutting down trees. These effects made them way more interesting and fun and I like the little story that each photo tells. I like all of them, The first one tells you that this is what kauai boys do (driving on the beach). The second one telling you that kauai boys do it all hunting buffalo on a Jetski which is pretty random. The last one is telling that to many trees are being cut down and deforestation.

 The number used in HTML, CSS, SVG, and other computing applications to represent color. The bytes represent the red, green and blue components of the color. One byte represents a number in the range 00 to FF. lossy and lossless are terms that describe whether or not, in the compression of a file, all original data can be recovered when the file is uncompressed. With lossless compression, every single bit of data that was originally in the file remains after the file is uncompressed. The size of the flies matter to because it depends how big it is. Different uses of raster and vector are that raster file. It has no loss in quality and therefore is primarily used in printing. On the web, because of load time, you generally want to use smaller images such as JPG or PNG. Vector based graphics are more malleable than raster mages.

The relationship between technology and productivity goes hand and hand. You need both of these to do digital media, Without those two things you are not gonna get anything done and fail. Without technology I would probably have to make it by drawing something fake. It would look completely different because it would most likely would look very bad It would look like the 1700's without using a computer.

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ALD 1.1 Assess how mathematics is used to create and manipulate digital media.
ALD 1.2 Assess how changes in digital technology affects the creation and manipulation of media content.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Photo Challenge

15 day photo challenge is where your assigned a different angle and style of photos every day. You have to take it at home and turn it in by the next day. I was absent for those 2 weeks of the photo challenge. I had (Still have) the chance to make them up but I am pretty behind in all my classes so have yet to get any photos. Coming soon...                                                                                 

 Evaluate diverse processes of forming and conveying a targeted message.

Compare and contrast how various audiences perceive digital media to anticipate desired reactions and responses.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hiki No North Shore Flooding

Our first topic was how to change a tire. But after flood that took us out of school for two weeks. So we had 2 days to make a video that fits our situation. We choose to do a video on the Northshore flood. We through it together in about 45 min so it was not the best but it will do. I hope it will make people see how crazy it was and to show people some cool footage. We got as many videos and photos as we could. Then I had my partner (Spencer) telling his story about the flood destroying his house as the voice over.

DMCA purpose is to update U.S. copyright laws for the digital age. Briefly, the DMCA stipulates the following conditions. It is a crime to circumvent anti piracy measures that are built into commercial software. You can use it if you give credit saying where you got it from. Some legal consequences are jail time, its a crime. Like using a photo for your presentation off of Surfline. Another example could be a using Video of flooding off of KITV news.

Its essential because if you don't get permission you can make your movie. If you do make the video without permission they could sue you. Release forms are good because you are signing a paper so you have it on a document saying I agree with the terms. Our critique wasn't to good and kinda rushed. A area that we could work on would be audio. It wasn't clear and was not rehearsed. We could make this better by being more prepared and have it planned out.
Final Cut Critique

ALD 3.1 Evaluate the relationship between digital technology and criminal activity for its affect on the digital marketplace.
ALD 3.2 Evaluate legal and ethical behavior related to the creation, use, and distribution of digital content that minimizes the risk of legal or moral consequence.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Practice Story

We chose the interviewee (Preston) because he was the one telling the story (working as a teen). He knew everything so and gave the story . Director/Reporter/Voiceover: Campbell and Editor/Producer/Interviewee/Writer: Maceo. and Preston was the interviewee. Everyone worked in their specific roles just fine, everyone contributed to each other. We all fit our job pretty good. I think this helped the outcome and turned out pretty good. We did'nt have any major problems, the only thing we struggled on was getting the audio to be super clear.

Safety is very important because if we are not safe we could hurt our self, our team mates and most importantly the camera equipment. If we are not careful and brake something and then we would have to pay a lot and would make Mr Sanderl pretty mad... But that luckily wasn't the case and got it done and its looking pretty good! After making this video I learned some key things so if I were to make another edit I would write the script simple and straight forward so the person doing the voice over can nail it and will sound great. Another thing I could do to make it look professional  would be to match the audio and make it sound really clear with no fuzz sound in the back ground. The three largest words are Audio Visual Ties. I think I could go back and make all of these better. What that means is make the audio match what your seeing on the screen.

ALD 6.1: Anticipate potential health and wellness concerns while operating computing devices in order to enhance workplace safety.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Under the blood Red Sun

Mr. Savage is the directors of the movie, Under the Blood Red Sun. Mr. Savage had the roll of planning the whole movie and how it would play out, so he had to draw every scene and clip so it would match the book. It was written as a book 20 years ago and they made the film in 2013. It started as a dream then they made it a reality. One of the hardest things for them was finding the right cast. Finally they found there cast and started filming on Oahu. They had a very small budget to film with so they had to try their best. It took them about 8 months to finish the movie. You can check this movie out on  Flix Premiere .

The first question I asked was what year did you start filming? He told me 2013. My next question was how long did it take to film then he told me 8 months which he had to film everyday. Another question I asked was what was the hardest thing to film and then he told me the pigeons. He had to find his friend who made props for movies, so he made fake birds and had a little pump to add fake blood to the birds for the scene. He shipped them all the way from Florida. My last question I asked was after watching the movie would you go back and change anything? He replied right away yes but no.. Then he said no, he would not change anything.  He was very satisfied with the way the movie came out and the message it sends with it.

ALD 3.1 - Evaluate the relationship between digital technology and criminal activity for its affect on the digital marketplace.
ALD 3.2 - Evaluate legal and ethical behavior related to the creation, use, and distribution of digital content that minimizes the risk of legal or moral consequence

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Public Service Announcement

A powerful PSA will teach you and persuade you to do better. I think a PSA could persuade someone but its on them if you want to listen. My group is hoping to spread awareness and some facts to make you think again. Our topic is about no texting and driving and fight the bite. I think these two topics are great because our age group can relate to both so it makes easier to follow and understand. We are going to make it as real and informational as we can.

Next we entered a contest called oleo youth exchange. The rules are make it inspiring, not over 30 secs, less is more. I think its good that they are having these contests because it makes kids look into these problems and educate more people. The kids are benefiting the most because we are learning and getting money out of it. It makes kids think outside the box and get creative. As a group we all learned so much about how to work final cut and the cameras.

Our groups PSA changed a lot from the rough cut to the final cut. The rough draft had poor sound quality and spaces between clips. We went back and re filmed the sound and audio. we matched it so it wasn't so loud and we got it perfect. We added more clips and it looks way better. It was defiantly better and well worth it. We got some good tips and tried to apply them to make our video even better. Hope you guys enjoyed!

In conclusion I am happy with the way our video turned out. It was our first time doing something like that so we just took it step by step. I learned a-lot about editing and of course filming. How to make good B roll and editing the clips smoothly and match the audio so it fits perfectly.

ALD 2.1 Assess the evolution of digital media as it affects and is affected by society.
ALD 2.2 Assess changes in technology and markets as it affects digital media designs.